Elizabeth Wehner


I work as an astronomer, and I’m currently living in The Netherlands with my husband and puppy.  Although originally from the US, I’ve lived in England, Canada and now in Holland.  My job allows me to travel, so I’ve been lucky enough to visit quite a few places around the world.  On this website, you can find pictures and accounts of some of those trips.

My research focuses on what we can learn about galaxies’ histories by studying their stellar populations.  In my thesis work, I looked at the faint stellar debris that surrounds galaxies which have recently experienced a collision with another galaxy.  More recently, I’ve begun to explore star cluster systems around galaxies to see what they can tell us about that galaxy’s star forming history.  You can learn more about my research here.

One side effect of studying astronomy has been the poignant realization that we really have only this one world to live in.  We have to take care of it.  Learning how to care of our environment (and understanding the consequences of not doing so) is one of the most important challenges of our time.  Poverty, war, disease, and political strife are all exacerbated by dwindling resources, flooding lands, changes in the salt-content of local water supplies, and increasing heat.  Issues of climate change are all encompassing and small changes can have a significant impact on our world.  I believe we each of us can make a difference, and I explore some ways participate here.

Welcome to my site!

Left:  NGC 3311, the central galaxy in the Hydra Cluster and its extensive globular cluster system.

Right, top:  View of the Casablanca Valley in Chile. 

Right bottom: 

(left) Koln at night

(right) Josh and I wine-tasting in Chile